Wallbreaker single released

Kicking off with an explosive guitar riff that builds towards an anthemic group vocal, 'Wallbreaker' is the sound of Wellington rockers Bakers Eddy taking their songwriting and performance to the next level. Written in the wake of winning the 2015 Battle of The Bands in Auckland and time well spent touring through Europe, 'Wallbreaker' captures the excitement of a young band emboldened by the taste of success, travel and recognition through music.

Recorded at Roundhead Studios in January, 'Wallbreaker' was produced by London record producer Asa Bennett, with input from US producer Monte Malone, and mastered in Los Angeles by DNA Mastering. New Zealand On Air supported the song with a Making Tracks single/video funding grant. Riding the line between alt-rock and pop-punk, it's an energetic sing-along for those, who like Bakers Eddy, won't stop until they’ve won.

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